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Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Pics #1


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Tom's Blog - 27.02.2011

Antwort an alle!

Die Fans aus den Staaten kennen den Spot vielleicht schon vom Super Bowl - für all die anderen 6,001,200,000 Menschen: Viel Spaß damit ;D

Reply all!
Our US fans might know this one already from the Super Bowl - for all the other 6,001,200,000 people: Enjoy ;D 

Feb 26, 2011

Interview HIS - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011

Interview with Tokio Hotel

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February 10, 2011 is a memorable day for the fans of TOKIO HOTEL. Yes, the long-awaited TOKIO HOTEL finally come to Japan. Thus, HIS has a special interview with the four guys from TOKIO HOTEL who as the Goodwill Ambassador for the 150th anniversary of Germany. Here are the answers we got from them about visiting Germany.

HIS: Your four guys were born in Magdeburg, what do you think of there?
Georg: Of course, it's a great city!! (laugh)
--laugh together--
Bill: In fact, there is nothing to visit .
Gustav: Yeah, it's just a common village, nothing special.

HIS: Well, are there any places that you'd like to introduce?
Tom: Well...
Georg: There is a cathedral and some other historic churches, and we often went to the shopping mall.
Tom: And, yes, the Hundertwasser!
Together: Oh, yeah...the Hundertwasser!!!

HIS: What is that?
The agent: It's a building built by an Austrian architect, and this architect was a little bit like Gaudi. (A Spainish architect)
Gustav: Most of the buildings in Magdeburg have a colourful outside.
Bill: That's all the stuffs that deserve to see.
Georg: And you can finish your trip in 30 minutes.

HIS: It seems that's really a small city...(laugh). Then, what if a Japanese want to visit Germany, to the other cities like Munich or Berlin, Do you have anything to recommend?
Bill: Berlin and Hamburg are good choices if you want to visite Germany.
Gustav: Talking about Munich, there is a OctoberFest!
Tom: Yeah, the OctoberFest is awesome.
Georg: That's a grand festival and was very alive.

HIS: Oh, I really want to be there for once. By the way, I heared that Georg was born in Halle but not in Magdeburg, is that true?
Georg: Yes, I was born in Halle, but I only lived there for 2 or 3 years.
Bill: And Halle is also a very small city. (laugh)
Georg: Yeah, even when comparing with Magdeburg, it's nothing special to say. (laugh)
--laugh together--

HIS: Oh, I see. Then the next question, what's your favourite city in Germany?
Bill: It's definitely Hamburg. Why do I say that? It's because I have lived there for a period of time. and I miss there. Moreover, there are great natural sceneries near the countrysides. Although, sometimes the weather is not that pleasure and it rains and blows a lot, but it's still a very pretty city. In fact, it might also be the most beautiful city in Germany.

HIS: Then, as a tourist city, is Hamburg also worthy of a stroll?

Bill: Hum...yeah, I once lived there and I really like that place, but I was not going there for tourism. Whatever, I think that's a good place.

HIS: Thank you so much, then Tom, what do you think of there?
Tom: In fact,I prefer Cologne. You can see people there are jolly and lively. Though I never lived in Cologne, hum, I guess I'll live there some day. It's a good place with so many bright and open-minded people and I love there. But it's more of travelling than living. (laugh)

HIS: Oh, I see, thank you. Georg, how do you think?
Georg: I think Berlin is the best place for now. It's an attractive and exciting city where contains varied cultures from all over the world. What's more, there are many nightclubs. And you can devote youself into them for the whole night long.

HIS: Except the nightclubs, is there any other place to go?
Georg: Of course, indeed,there are so many sightseeings.
Bill: Yes, there are several tour routes in Berlin.
Georg: Both history and culture are the highlights and it's a perfect tourist city.

HIS: Awesome, no wonder Berlin is the capital! then, Gustav , have you got a favourite spot?

Gustav: Honestly, I like Magdeburg.
Together (laugh): Really?
Gustav: Yeah, everything you guys mentioned just now can be found in Magdeburg. And of course, including the Octoberfest, it's totally a city for travelling.
Bill: But if you go to there for sightseeing, it's terrible without a bicyle... (laugh)
--laugh together--

HIS: Are there any vehicles in Magdeburg!?

Tom: No, there aren't.
Gustav: Indeed, we have taxis and double-deck buses which is the same with London's. But we have only one is use for going sightseeing. After that you have to take a boat, which is along the Elbe River but it's absolutely comfortable and amazing!
Bill: Yeah, it's said that the most interesting place in Magdeburg are Georg's and Gustav's houses.
--laugh together--

HIS: Okay, let's put aside the idea of going whose home first , HIS is planing to make a tour route about TOKIO HOTEL.
Together: Really?
Tom: Is it a tour to Magdeburg?

HIS: It includes Magdeburg and other places you recommend or concern you, or some memorable places. And What other good places except Magdeburg are worth playing?
Everybody: It sounds good! Wow, marvelous! (Everyone looks excited)
Tom: And what about LA? (laugh)
Gustav: Hmmm…
Bill: Do not miss Gröninger Bad if you want to know the history of Tokio Hotel.

HIS: What's that?
Bill: It's the club we first met!

HIS: So the fans might visit there at least once!
Everybody: And something more, it must be fun to visit our old schools.

HIS: That's cool! And do not forget telling us the names of the schools.

Each of them says the names of the schools.

For the best tour route

HIS: Thank you. The next question. Bill and Tom are living in LA now. Have you got the plan about giving concerts in LA?

Bill: No. We are focusing on Japan now, so we are not going to promote in other countries, and our new album has just released. Now we are recording songs and looking for new inspiration. So…hmmm, I don't know when to give concerts. We all pool our ideas to compose new songs now.

HIS: So when will the next album to be completed and released?
Tom: It's hard to say. Maybe half a year later, or maybe 5 years later.We can't decide the specific date and now we are looking for inspiration. We are exercising so to speak.

HIS: We are expecting the next concert and CD! At last, for improving Germany's tourism, can you say something to Japanese fans?
Bill: Sure. Hmm, Germany is a very good country, though the weather is not that good. Don't forget your umbrella!
Tom: And the bars! Night bars and German beer are the best!
Georg: And also the Autobahn! It will be very interesting.
Gustav: There seems to be speed limit when driving in Japan, but there's no limit in Germany so you can drive freely.
Bill: All we said are the most interesting things in Germany.

HIS: Thank you very much, Tokio Hotel!

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Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 6

Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 5
Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 7 & 8
Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 6


You four started your band activities since the age of 14, and now there were changes that you mixed something electronic in some parts of the new album, but also something that you kept all the time. So, what's the chief part and the most binding part of your band?
Basically, it is consisting of the drum, the bass guitar and the guitar. The guitar with the addition of Bill's voice that have never been changed. Bill's voice wasn't sounded like before anymore, though, his feeling of singing never change. You can see our changes from Devilish to Humanoid.

So, what kind of music that you drumer and bassist think that is similar to TOKIO HOTEL's.
The rhythm of drum and bass. (laughed)
Georg: It's hard to answer. Because we are who TOKIO HOTEL are.
Tom: (nipped in) I think we were very lucky. When creating music in the studio, we wrote down the feeling in our brain, but not meditated it first and did. I tkink it's lucky that we did such a thing, that we created awesome music. Without luckiness like this, we can't work out any good music at all.
Bill: (seriously) However, not all the audiences would love our music. The most important of all it's that "we love our music". Because that were created by us, they were our own music. We worked the songs for ourselves but not the fans. And it's lucky that they can be loved by our fans. Fans love our songs and they want to share them with the others, but sometimes I didn't want this to happen. (Another meanings: Bill wants we to buy their albums.) Say so, though, in order to work out songs to the fans' taste, not only will we keep our music concept, but also attach importance to what we like.

Awesome!!! You have such a firm concept in your heart. TOKIO HOTEL is so popular around the world now, so who you will cooperate with in the future.
I dreamed of cooperating with Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith. I don't know what will happen in the future, but hope that I can meet many people and cooperate with them. A secret plan will be pulled off lately, but yet I can't say a word about it.

And which producer you want cooperate with.
Like I have just said, I have to meet him firstly to make sure if we have ideas that in common. You may thought that this man is cool, I want to cooperate with him, but sometimes your thought would be overturned when you meet each other. The most importance is that you two have iders in common.

We have received questions from the fans, for emample, the single "Don't Jump" released in Japan, too. There are many fans like this song, will this song on the list of the shows that you will give in Japan later?
Really? (happily) Of course. Because...
Tom: (nipped in) Actually, I love this song very much!!!
Bill: (nipped in) As we have so much good songs, it's hard to choose songs each time.
Tom: (nipped in again) Since there are so much good songs, it's not enough to give a concert in 2 hours. (the two of them ran comments and laughed in concert)
Bill: (became loudly) We also remixed those former songs and performed on the concerts.

It's odd that Bill wanted to talk calmly and clearly in the first place, but became funny suddenly. And his twin brother, Tom, is a funny guy, too.
We will keep on interviewing, and the next one will be the last one.

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Bounce #329 [Japan] - Scans

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Scans by theresa @ THCN

Smart #255 [Japan] - Scan


Scan by theresa @ THCN

Tom's Blog - 24.02.2011

...und so baust du deine eigene Welle!

Unglaublich wie dieser kleine Graben zum mitreißenden Strom wird!

Build your own wave!
Unbelievable how this tiny thing turns into such a powerful river! 

Feb 23, 2011

InRock Vol.327 [Japan] - Scans & Translation

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愛 = Liebe/Love


Interview with Tokio Hotel

I want to try something new except music with Tom.

This month, Adimission free (page 84-85) published the articles written by readers who were interviewed with Tokio Hotel, coz it's initial to look into from fans' view. Overwhelmed by Bill, among those German all the people were so high. Beyond that, Bill and Tom kept talking. It was very cheerful.

Everyone was looking forward to your arrival.
Tokio Hotel:
So were we.
Bill: The trip to Japan has been our dream for a long time. We are really grateful for coming to Japan finally and extremely excited. It was quite good to come here.

I guess you guys had the same answers when you were asked by South American reporters. (Laugh)
Yeah! We have told people that some day we would go to Japan for many times. What is more, our band name is "Tokio Hotel", so we want to go to Japan as soon as possible.
Tom: But when the day came, it was beyond imagines, because Tokyo was certainly too far away.
Georg: When we gave a name to our band, we wanted to figure something spectacular out. It seems that it should be a place that we can not even see and reach in the dream. And finally we decided to name it "Tokio Hotel". But we finally got to Tokyo. (Laugh)

Well, all the fans want to know more about you guys in limited times. Firstly, Tom, you said making an album was a time-consuming job when you received our interviews last time. So the next album in 2011 must be not easy. Do you think the same way right now?

Why is it?
Actually we should have made the new song in the recoding studio at this moment, but we decided to come to Japan, actually it is not in our plan. Next time we hope we can prepare well.

Seriously? We can believe you, can't we? (Laugh)
Of course! But we have other plans in 2011 to look forward to. After all these, we can finally come back to the studio to continue writing songs. So we don't know when the next album will be released, either. It's not that we don't like traveling, but it seems that we don't have enough time to compose in 2011.
Bill: That's because we want to make some albums of high quality. We really want to show everyone the best part of what we create in daily time, so it is necessary to stay at the studio for a long time. As we compose, we have to discuss which way is better, which sound is better and so on.
Tom: Yeah, we have been on tours this year. Once we get back to the studio, we will think about what to do next, accumulating our thoughts and collecting all kinds of inspiration. All of these are very time-consuming.
Bill: So we are not sure when we can release the next album. May be next year or the year after next. But we will immediately inform you if there is any sign. (Laugh)

How long do you spend in making a new album usually?
It all depends. It always depends on how many songs we record. It's not the problem we need to think about. Sometimes we thing it's okay after we record 18 songs, while we may not be satisfied and add something else even after we record 50 songs. Therefore it lies on our mood of that moment. If we gave you a deadline, it would be an assumption.

Oh, I see. I went to Germany and Paris the other day. I know how popular you are in Europe. You are definitely most popular.
Tokio Hotel:
Yeah, it is the same in Paris.

In the first time when we interviewed Bill and Tom by phone, both of them were very friendly and easy to talk. I was so shocked. So no matter how popular you are, you are still natural and low profile. Is it your principle?
Yes, it's most important for us. We founded this band naturally and we are also good friends. We have been together for almost 10 years. During this period of time, we have performed in front of only 5 audiences. Initially we never thought about success when we sung in a small club. But now our dreams came true and I was so proud.
Tom: So we know the two sides of the business work, because we know not only the success but the feeling when we stood in front of 5 people as well. In that small club, no one listened to us, not mentioning an interview. We also know how hard to be the top one. And it is hard to perform facing 500,000 people under the Eiffel Tower, too. Because we have experienced success and failure, we are so grateful today. Maybe we are blessed.

Is it because you are Christian?
It could be one reason.

We are going to change the topic. After you came here, what do you think of Tokyo? Is it the same as what you imagined or not?
I can't imagine there are so many fans here waiting for us.
Tokio Hotel: Yeah, yeah!
Bill: I thought no one would be there and no one knew us. But after we got off the plane, many fans were waiting and sent us lots of presents. I was so happy. Everyone welcomed us friendly and zealously.

You have been used to this scene, right?
Other countries are the same, but it was the first time in Japan. So I thought maybe no one knew us at all and we had to introduce ourselves as first. I was very glad to see so many fans in Japan.

Fan in Europe must be much more than Japanese fans, but everyone here is passionate to you guys. Oh, by the way, Bill and Tom, you said you are both perfectionist. Then you cause troubles to others sometime, right? (Laugh) when did you start to pursue for perfection?
I guess it started long time ago.
Tom: Something in my body began to control me long time ago, I think.
Bill: I say to myself: "relax, relax the shoulders." But I can not. No matter what I do, I want it to be perfect. I want to make everything perfect. If there was something imperfect, it would hang around me. It's like a disease. I know sometime I cause some troubles to someone else, but I just think of it. I guess others can not be happy. (Laugh)

See? Gustav and Georg are sneering. (Laugh)
Yes, Tom and I are exactly the same on this point. So when we are together, it's too troublesome for others. I don't even know when it began. Anyway I have been like this long before.

Do you inherit this from your parents?
Maybe. We are close to our mother and never get any pressure from her. We have grown up freely since childhood. Mum relies on us very much. She does everything according to our likes and dislikes, so we talk closely and she has supported us all the time. Mum has never forced us to do anything including study. She trusts us and says to us: "you do things according to your own ideas. I believe you." Our relationship is very good, so it's hard to say if it is genetic.

I hear of that you don't hire any stylist because of perfectionism. Is that true?
Tom and Bill:
Bill: I cannot believe him. The stylist may ask us to wear some clotheses we don't like. I always feel uneasy. I prefer to choose and buy clotheses by myself.
Tom: I don't believe others, either. I want to control everything including PV, CD, total effect, stages, shows and of course music. It can be regarded as freak. But about all of this, we have own thoughts and we believe that we can do much better that anyone else.
Tokio Hotel: (laugh)
Tom: I think we will cause troubles to others. In a word, we hope to handle this by ourselves. I want to be engaged in CD with the text of lyrics or the "Darkside of the Sun" Japanese edition.

And what do you do indeed? Do you guys go shopping?
It's hard. Especially in Europe it's not okay. But there are several stores that we are familiar with. And in some particular time they are open for us specially. At that time, we can go there and take our time. Besides this, we always buy things online. (Tom told us that Bill often went to a store called Melrose Avenue in LA.)

Shopping online? Did you buy all of these accessories you wear today online?
Sure! There are some websites where you can buy such kind of things. Sometimes in certain countries we can go out for shopping with caps and sun glasses without worrying. And sometimes designers give me some clotheses.

It sounds good. In our previous interviews, you said your apartment was not like a retail shop but a clothing shop.
They have more various clothes than stores. It's more like a warehouse.
Tom: I have lots of clothes, but Bill has more than mine. The amount of our clothes is big.
Bill: I'm used to put all my clothes away instead of throwing them. Talking about clothes, I am...
Georg: Sluttery.
Bill: Yes, I'm like this for clothes. I like every one very much, even though the old clothes are still one part of my history and they have different kinds of memories. This coat is about this and that jacket is about that, something like this.
Tom: The clothes we wore when we were in the first PV shooting are still in the cabinet.

Isn't good to donate them to charity organization?
We have done this before. But just like what we said, every one has its meaning and memory. We don't want to give them up.

I heard of that you dragged 10 or 12 suitcases on tours. Is it true? (7 suitcases for Japan)
Yeah, it seems like we carried more. (Laugh) Tours are so long time ago that I can not remember clearly.
Tom: The people who are responsible for carrying the luggage are very tired, I think. It's really good to let others help. (Laugh)
Bill: We took everything we need, because we went on a 3-month tour.

Your band was founded 10 years ago. It has been 10 years. Comparing to the very beginning, did you change your attitude to music?
I think we grew up actually. All of us grew up and became adults gradually. Surely everyone changed. We got to adapt ourselves on long time tours, so as a musician we grew up as well, which has been natural. We don’t have any thought that we begin to do like this from now on! Just let it be.

How about the subject you composed? Do you change the subject as you grow up?
The subjects are changed. I get inspiration from many materials such as fashion, people around, movies and so on. Especially my favorite movies, so the last album was inspired by a science fiction movie.

Specifically speaking, which movie is it?
Tom & Bill:
It's hard to say.
Tom: Because there are so many movies.
Bill: We like too many good movies.

Please pick some among these movies.
For example, "2012" is good. And another one, what is the name? Sorry, I forget.
Tokio Hotel: "District 9".
Bill: Yeah, that one is very good. And the new one named "Tron:Legacy" is very commercial. I really want to watch. And there are some other movies that we just know the German name, but English name. I like "The Notebook" and "Labyrinth" acted by David Bowie. They are old movies, but I like them very much. "Inception" is really wonderful.

That one is hard to understand, right? By the way, the show held several weeks ago in South America was full of future sense, especially the clotheses. When you set the stage, was the idea based on your own thoughts?
Yeah! For the 3-month tour in Europe, we prepared for half a year. All the members thought over together in the rehearsal room, like the stage, the clotheses and the whole stage. It took us lots of time and energy for the preparation. We preformed a part of the whole. After all it's impossible to finish all. On the European tour, we used 15 trucks to carry all the stuff, but only plane was available in South America. And the plane had its weight limit. So we couldn't take all the stuff. Although it couldn't be the exactly same, we tried our best.

I see. The last question is sort of a joke. Tom and Bill, do you sleep in one bed?

In the previous interview, you said you two did everything together and sometimes you sleep together.
We were seeing a movie together,but tired at the same time, so...
Tom: It's true. We are together everyday, almost 365 days and 24 hours. We may separate from each other only when we sleep in own beds. (Laugh) Except sleep, we are together.

Oh, I know. (Laugh) well, what is your goal for 2011?
Go back to our studio and create new songs.

Are you going back to Hamburg or LA?
We should go back to both of them. Sometimes we want to stay in US, and sometimes we want to stay in Germany. There are many specific plans that are proceeding secretly. But we can not tell you. Tom and I also want to try something else but music. We have not decided, but we will tell you if we decide. The next year should be mainly based on composition.

Did Bill do something relating to fashion? I heard of that you voiced a character in a movie.
Yeah, I voiced the character of Arthur on "Arthur et les Minimoys" German version.

How about others? What do you do except music?
They don't have this talent. (Laugh)

Oh! Bill! Come on!
I might be the next Stallone in 10 years. And I might voice a character on "Arthur rimbaud 20". (Laugh)
Tom: Although I have never done this before, it's a hard job. (Laugh) Not easy, right?
Bill: It took a long time. That is the achievement I got after I had stayed in studio for several hours.
Tom: Bill is also painstaking as a singer. We are not good at voiceing and making music at the same time, because I think we are not suitable.

How about Georg?
I haven't got any good proposal. I don't know what is it going to be?

OK! Thank you very much! 

Scans & Translation by theresa @ THCN

Feb 22, 2011

Tom's Blog - 21.02.2011

Magnetic Man - "Getting Nowhere"

BMX = Lord of the Rings Black Riders?!


Feb 21, 2011

Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 5

Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 1
Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 2
Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 3 & 4
Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 6
Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 7 & 8

Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 5

Back to the topic of music, since your first album, you guys have been collaborating with producers like Dave Roth, Patrick Benzner and David Jost. What kind of effect has been brought by working with them?
Bill: We've been working together for a long time.
Tom: Yeah, we have been working together for 7, or 8 years since we started our band.
Bill: We know each other well, and all the albums are recorded with the producers. Our latest album "Humanoid" was slightly different that, we worked with different people, though we had put a lot of new ideas into the album, we still worked with those guys.
Tom: I think the most important thing is that, we know each other well, everyone in the studio knows the direction of production and sound.
Bill: It is important for us to have the same taste. If we have producers of taste for music different from us, it will be difficult for us to produce an unique song. But we have been working for long time, we know what to do, so it is quite easy.

Which song, from the album"Humanoid", contains the newest element? I think that "Dog Unleashed" is an unique song which mixed electronic with rock.
Bill: Yeah, that's the song which we performed our new sound best. Effect of electronics, programmed drum, keyboard and synthesizer, we had challenge to different sound.

Bill: But when we put these stuff into our music, we had something bare in mind. The songs were ours, though we wrote our songs from our hearts, we might be affected by outside world when recording. There were people having different ideas, but their ideas might not be the best. If we used the wrong way, the sound would seem cheap. So, in order not to make those sound become cheap, we had to mix it with awesome rock. In the latest album, electronic rock is the part that I like most. I think that we are of the stage that wanna have challange for new stuff.
Tom: It's a tool for us to make music of larger scales. By introducing electronic rock, we were aiming at making album of sound of more sense of scale.
Bill: Actually, the musical instruments had played more music than we played, that's it.

Bill and Tom looked serious when talking about their music. There are still chat with the 4 guys.

Translation by www.tokiohotelchina.com  

Signing Session - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Pics #1

Das Mädchen ist das Model Reina Triendle! / The girl is the model Reina Triendle! 

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Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 2

Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 2


All of you started the band when [you] were really young, but from that time, what kind of music did [you] want to make or was there a special image?
Mm, no, there wasn't. We just immediately started to write music by ourselves, we made our own music. So until now, we have not copied anyone's songs.
That's so amazing!
(laughs) But, each of our musical interest is different. And so far, because there has not been a band like ours, [we] could only make original [music] right away. Because all the members didn't have any favorite artists in common.

Now, everyone likes the rockstar Aerosmith. But of course, the music everyone listens to privately is different. [We] are always asked, about our vision, what do [we] want to do from now on, how are [we] making music but, it's really simple. We just wait for "something" to come to all of us.

So, it's easy to find the music you guys want to make?
Oh yes, that's it! Because the start of the band was really early, I always think of the lyrics, and tom plays the guitar...
Tom: Writing the music is easy. It's always easy to find what we want to do, so [we] just do it.

How do you find it?
[We] just start performing in the rehearsal room. Bill starts to write emotional lyrics, and we play [our] instruments. The lyrics and music is all produced at the same time.
Georg: [We] don't prepare anything beforehand.
Bill: Speaking about some expressions, when writing, there are also people who write a story or write poetry to express [themselves]. But we always express ourselves in making music.

When writing lyrics, where do you get inspiration from?
From everywhere. [I] collect ideas from many places, and Tom and I organize it together while [we] are recording in our home studio. Inspiration from movies, inspiration from when passing through cities, myself and different people, and also from life. [We] go to the studio and put those things together, and from there some new ideas are born, some are all changed. It's brought together like that. 

Translation by Sugar @ THA 


Feb 20, 2011

Bill & Tom @ Prince Concert in Berlin, Germany - 05.07.2010 - Pics #2

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Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 3 & 4

Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 3


Bill, you create lyrics like writing diaries?
Ja. They are completely different. We get inspiration from various aspects, and the contents are basically about our feelings and experiences.

The songs are not only about reality and fantasy, also the connection between them.
I think both worlds will arouse my true feeling. The fantasy world affects us, especially reflected on our new album "Humanoid".

Which emotion can be easily impressed in Tokio Hotel's music?
We always create lyrics with our emotions in the moment. We would probably feel aggressive or sad, grieved, brokenhearted, happy, or sometimes we just want to have a party that night. We have different feelings every each day. We always catch some points and put them into our lyrics, just like keeping a diary. There must be some people write diaries at night! And our music is the product of the mixture of diaries and fantasie

In TH official website, we can know a lot about your own views of world from the concepts of designing webs. When did you have this idea?
HAHAHA (laughing happily). It's like doing a puzzle. We had not even one idea at first. We just kept on creating our songs, like putting the electronic music into them and made it more colorful. When we did this, we gradually had some ideas such as how visual effects can be appeared, or how to convey human's emotions. We achieve this effect through the pictures or backgrounds, and they're just like the costumes on tour. All of them make the songs lively.

So deep! Cool! Bill, when did you think you are like a star?
Very early. Mama always said Tom and I were very noisy kids.
Georg: And you are still a noisy kid. (laughing together)
Bill: (keep on saying with a little anger) We're naturally artists. Mama often brought us to parties and we kept the microphones with us, then speaking or dancing. We were energetic anytime.
Tom: (in German) But sometimes there is bad tongue.

All people laughed when Tom said "bad tongue", Georg was the loudest.

Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 4


Though I'm quite interested in the story of the puzzle. Then what kind of movie influences Bill's World View?
It's hard to say. I like various kinds of movie. The first movie I watched was David Bowie's Labyrinth (1986). It's my favorite movie.

When did you watch this movie?
Ehm… At about 6 years old. I watched it again and again because I really like it. I also like
Dangerous Liaisons (1988) , though it's a very old movie. I watch different kinds of movies, such as science fiction movies. When I was young, I liked E.T (1982) very much, and also vampire movies. I like The Fifth Element (1997). And I like watching romantic movies as well, such as The Notebook (2004). It's really quite moving. Yes, I watch many kinds of movies, rather than one particular type.
Tom: It's really crazy. We have thousands of DVDs, since there are too many good movies.

And the other three? Do you have a favorite band or movie, or is there something influencing you? Could you talk about this?
My favorite album is "Darkside Of The Sun". And my favorite DVD is Tokio Hotel. (All laughed)
Georg: Talking about the actors, I like Leonardo Dicaprio the most. (Gustav and Tom laughed loudly)
Georg (sayed seriously): His movies are really good.
Bill (agreed): Ehm, it's a fact. His movies are quite good. The movies made when he was young are good too.
Georg: He could be a century actor.
Bill: Right!

And music? What's your favorite album?
I listen to many kinds of music. And I listen to more than one album each day. The lastest album I bought is Mike Posners'. (Mike Posners was also a candidate for 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards)
Bill: He is an American new-comer. And there is a pop and R&B feeling in his music.
Tom: R&B, Dance and HipHop, those three feeling mix together.

And what about Tom?
My favorite movie is Training Day (2001) which was acted by Denzel Washington. He is cool and…
Bill (interrupted): Tom likes all the movies acted by Denzel Washington. And Man On Fire (2004).
Tom: Ah! Man On Fire is really good. Dakota Fanning is also a good actress. (Who acted in Man On Fire too, her full name is Hannah Dekota Fanning, well-known movie is I Am Sam (2001).)

The interview suddenly warmed up.


Translation by www.tokiohotelchina.com


Interviews/Fotoshootings - Tokyo, Japan 09.02.2011 - Pics #1

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com
Quelle/Source: Photos #1 #3 #4 || Photo #2 || Photo #5

Feb 19, 2011

Tom's Blog - 19.02.2011

God shave the Queen - ähh, oder...

Ich will nicht zu viel verraten aber einer der langharigen Tokio Hotel Jungs hat sein erstes graues Haar seit Zimmer 483. Und leider sieht es ganz danach aus, dass ihr in den nächsten Monaten mehr und mehr seiner Kopfhaut zu sehen bekommt. Ihr habt ganz richtig gehört - schlechte Neuigkeiten! Einer von uns verliert seine Haare und zwar im ganz großen Stil. Die gute Nachricht ist aber, dass es unten herum wächst und wächst und immer weiter wächst...

God shave the Queen, eh or...
I don't want to reveal too much, but one long haired Tokio Hotel band member has his first gray hair since Zimmer 483 - jep, no kidding. Unfortunately, it's pretty likely that he'll be going bald within the next couple of month. Yes you heard me, bad news. One of us is loosing his hair big time. The good news is: below it seems to be growing and growing and growing...

Feb 18, 2011

GOSSIPS #04/2011 [Japan] - Scans & Translation

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Scans by theresa @ THCN


Questions - Bill:
- Bill's hair style is so cool. How much time do you spend on it?
- If you analyze yourself, what kind of person are you?
- What do you think about Japanese girls?
- Please tell us something about being a twin...
- What charakter does each member have?
- Do you use any perfume? If yes, what are you using?

Questions - Tom:
- What do you love about yourself? And what do you hate about yourself?
- Please tell us something about being a twin...
- Is there something you want to improve on each member?
- What do you think about Japanese girls?
- What type of girl do you like?

Translation by neorosifix

th-and-you.com - Interview mit TokioHotel-Info

Das Team von th-and-you stellt im Moment auf ihrer Website deutsche Tokio Hotel-Fanseiten vor. In diesem Zusammenhang haben sie mit uns ein Interview geführt, was ihr ab sofort auf th-and-you.com lesen könnt! Schaut doch einfach mal vorbei - viel Spaß beim Lesen! Und noch einmal ein großes Dankeschön an das th-and-you-Team für das Interview :)

Feb 17, 2011

Interview Radio 81.3 FM J-WAVE - Tokyo, Japan 11.02.2011

Interview with Tokio Hotel

Bill Kaulitz: «I don't celebrate Valentine's day because I don't have a girlfriend.»


This week, we met with the phenomenal German rock band Tokio Hotel. Indeed, Nana Otsuka met them yesterday and interviewed the members of Tokio Hotel who visited Japan.

They have sold more than 7 million albums to date! They are the most successful artists in Germany in the past 20 years.
This week, Tokio Hotel makes their debut in Japan!
Yesterday, in a building in Tokyo, I went to visit guitarist Tom, the singer Bill's twin brother. I also met bassist Georg and drummer Gustav!

The singer Bill's outfit was unique. He wore a silver suit, it was splendid! As expected, he was dazzling!
First, I asked the untold story of the group and where the name Tokio Hotel ame from.
That's a question that has often been asked. The band was formed when we were very young and the band's first name was «Devilish». I wanted a cool name, and while looking for a new name for the group, we had the idea of "Tokio Hotel". It sounded good, Tokyo is a far away city and kept us motivated. We liked it because we felt that it was a goal. Including the word «Hotel», it was the world we dreamed about. And then, «Tokio Hotel» I think, is a pretty name.

«Tokyo is a goal», he dreamed of a place of symbol. [TOKYO -> TOKIO].
And the symbol of their desire to make a living on tour -> HOTEL.
The name of the group is full of dreams.
Later, I told them about their first Japanese album "Darkside of the Sun." I heard it was a concept album.
Firstly, I really wanted to do a special edition for the Japanese fans. I think you need to understand what it is to listen to an album of Tokio Hotel . We have included two new songs from previous albums. From this point of view, I think it's the best Tokio Hotel album ever released . As for the selection of songs, each group member has selected his favorite. For example, we decided that "Monsoon" should figure in it because it is a very special song for us. It is our first single.

In a few days, it's February 14, Valentine's Day. In Japan, a young girl offers chocolates to the guy she loves! Here is their reaction when I told them!
Really?! We must introduce that habit in Germany! I envy the Japanese boys. There is also Valentine's Day in Germany. But guys offer gifts to girls instead. You can also give gifts to people important to you, like your family. I do nothing, because I have no girlfriend, but Georg does, why don't you offer her something like a car or a diamond?

I wish I were a Japanese boy. In Germany and in Japan, some customs are different! I did not know Georg had a girlfriend! I offered them chocolate, woe is me.
The members of Tokio Hotel have decided to leave one last message to the listeners.
Thanks for your continued support, guys. I am very happy to be in Tokyo. Hope to see you soon!

Translation by Eien @ LOVETH-MUSIC.COM


Feb 16, 2011

BRAVO #08/2011 [Germany] - Scan & Translation

imagebam.com imagebam.com


Absolutely stylish in Tokyo!
He will never run out of ideas! So crazy are Bill's Japan-Looks!

When nature calls! For their Japanese fans Tokio Hotel have come up with something special - more specifically Bill (21). The singer has picked just cool outfits out of his closet for the big trip to Tokyo. On the arrival at the airport he wore a panda-bear-hat. "Of course not real fur", confirmed TH-Manager David Jost. And at a shooting Bill surprised with the Little Red Cap- and Captain-Look. The effort pays off: Tokio Hotel were on the day of their arrival the most searched term on Google, their video and their CD were number 1. Congratulations!
Photo 1: At a shooting Bill posed as Little Red Cap...
Photo 2: ...and as a captain with his boys Gustav (22), Tom (21) and Georg (23)
Photo 3: The singer arrives with a hip panda-hat in Tokyo
Photo 4: Success: TH are the number 1 in the Japanese Amazon Charts

Scan & Translation byTokioHotel-Info 

Tom's Blog - 15.02.2011

Das Glas der Schimpfworte...

...oder auch "Swear Jar". So ein Ding brauchen wir auch für unsere Band - da würde ich Kohle ohne Ende verdienen!

I need a swear jar for the band!
I would make some sick amounts of money...money stacks sky high! 

Feb 14, 2011

Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 1

Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 1


Tokio Hotel was found by identical twin brother, Bill (Vo.) and Tom (G.), who come from an old small city called Loitsche in Eastern Germany. (Birthday: 1989.9.1) Then Georg Listing (B. - 1987.3.31) and Gustav Schafer (D. - 1988.9.8) joined them. Finally four of them set up this band.

Bill and Tom began to compose music at their age of 7. They did their performance in Magdeburg when they were 10 years old. So they were early-maturing.

Later on, at their age of 13, they had similar tastes and interests with Georg and Gustav who came to watch their live show, and began to set up the band.

Georg began to play the base at age of 13 and Gustav began to play the drum at age of 15. To them, the band was the real career.

Regarding to the reason why TH named their band Tokyo, Bill said: "They consider Tokyo as their final destination, because Tokyo is too far to reach. The scene that we are in Tokyo always hangs around us. We are inspired by this scene and add Tokyo into the band's name." (This question is on my twitter from Rily.)

The interview started in harmonious atmosphere like last time. (Questions about music are included.)

What a fabulous hairstyle!
Thank you!

How long did you spend on this hairstyle?
This one is easiest, because the hair dresser just needs to make the hair like this. It did not take a long time to do this. But in the past it was really time-taking and troublesome due to my long hair. And every time we used one hair spray up. So the hair style today is an easy one.

It is the second time to come to Tokyo. What do you think of Tokyo?
We really like the streets in Japan. We were a little nervous on the first day when we just arrived. We could not imagine at all before we reached Tokyo. But we knew what it was like this time. We met different kinds of people and everything was exciting. We really appreciated that everything was full of energy. And all the people were very kind. Besides this, our fans were energetic. They sent us lots of presents and had done many things for us. We were moved a lot. So it was most exciting moment when we took pictures with fans. At the moment, each one released their emotion.

Where do you want to go in Tokyo?
We haven't seen much. But we went to Shibuya, it was awesome! The crossing in Shibuya was amazing. We met many people that we've never met before. In Germany, there is no place like this. We really want to see more streets like this.

What kind of impression do you have on Japanese girls?
They are very lovely. Although sometimes they are a little bit shy, I think they are sweet and cute. It is normal to be shy and flustered when your favorite band is standing in front of you, after all they are your favorite. So this is natural. I really like.

How about German girls and American girls?
They are not shy at all. What should I say? In Germany, people are more crazy. (He raised his voice.) Because different countries have different culture, I can not judge. It differs from man to man. After we just arrived in Japan, I realized that Japanese are a bit shy. But all the TH's fans are basically in a big family. They share everything on Twitter. So I think Japanese fans are going to join in the big family.

Bill, so you are a shy boy, right?
Tom, Georg, Gustav:
Bill is shy! (laugh)
Bill: No, I'm not like that. (flush) In my option, I believe there must be some moments in people's life when people feel shy. I guess I may not be shy because I was used to communicating with people after years of practicing. But it all depends. According to different situation, people may feel shy as well. I was wondering that I may say hello to a beautiful lady, telling her that I am a supper rock star confidently in private time.
Tom: I have a good advice. If Bill meets someone and feel shy, he should offer a kiss. (All the people laugh) Therefore Bill is shy! (laugh)
Bill: Ok, I am a little bit shy.
Tom: So you should do that.
Bill: I can not do that. I know it's better to kiss with true feelings.
Tom: See? Bill is a shy boy. (laugh)

The interview keeps on in the harmonious atmosphere.


Translation by www.tokiohotelchina.com   


Tokio Hotel's Valentine's Day Message 2011


Thanks to Vanessa @ foreversacred.bplaced.net


Los Angeles, USA 12.02.2011 - Airport #1


Photo by Bk Teresa

Feb 13, 2011

Kilian Kerner mit Tokio Hotel-Shirt #3

Kilian Kerner goes Tokio Hotel zum Dritten :) Nachdem der Mode-Designer schon mehrmals ein Tokio Hotel-Shirt bei öffentlichen Auftritten trug (wir berichteten #1 #2), hat er nun erneut bei der Mercedes Benz Fashion Week A/W 2011/12 in Berlin Shirts der Band getragen.

Kilian Kerner goes Tokio Hotel for the 3rd time :) After the fashion-designer already wore a Tokio Hotel-Shirt several times at public events (we reported #1 #2), he has worn again shirts of the band at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week A/W 2011/12 in Berlin.

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Tom's Blog - 12.02.2011

Alles klar...

...unsere Freunde aus den Staaten :D
There goes America :D

Feb 12, 2011

Tokyo, Japan 12.02.2011 - Airport #1

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Photos by Mari64Mari

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Photos by diz_sykes

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Photos by mo3nsoon

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Photos by 17xoxo