Jul 31, 2011

MONSUN Magazin #09

The Dark Side of the Fandom Issue

Diesmal mit drin
- Tattoo Special
- Speaker's Corner: Fanfictions
- Tokio-Glossar
- Fanpartys
… und weitere Abgründe unseres Fandoms.

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- Tattoo Special
- Speaker's Corner: Fanfictions
- Tokio-Terminology
- Fanparties
... and many other fandom-abbysses (or whatever the plural of abbyss is anyway).

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Jul 28, 2011

Tom's Blog - 28.07.2011

Sieht etwas dämlich aus...

...aber auch ziemlich gemütlich, oder? ;)

Man, that looks pretty geeky...
...but kind of comfy at the same time, doesn't it? ;)

Jul 26, 2011

Interview Fuji TV - Sakigake! Music Ranking Eight - Tokyo, Japan 09.02.2011


Thanks to theresa & 619 @ THCN 

Translation & Transcript

Next up, the band that won the Best Rock Video award! It is said that Lady Gaga is keeping an eye on the German band's unique fashion sense, and we have decided to interview them!

Interviewer: Here's Tokio Hotel!

Bill: Konnichiwa. (Hello in Japanese)
Tom: Konnichiwa.
Gustav: Konnichiwa.

Interviewer: Today's outfit is, as usual, very stylish, so can you tell us what your image of today's outfit is?
I don't know, it's like really spontaneous, you know, I just have always a lot of bags with me, and I like to combine different stuff, so it's like I have different designers and then I have like this hat which is a second hand hat I just bought in Los Angeles, and yeah, I just like to play around a little bit every day.

Interviewer: Why is your band name "Tokio Hotel"?
We were searching for a name which just keeps us going, and Tokyo was just so far away, and we thought okay, its something unreachable, something so far away, and we don't know nothing about the city. And hotel was a kind of a symbol, you know, for a life, that we just wanted to live. Yeah, that's what "Tokio Hotel" is.

Interviewer: Actually coming to Tokyo, how is it?
We love it.
Tom: We love it, yeah!

Interviewer: So, how different was your image of Tokyo, and the actual city, was it the same?
Oh, we had no picture in mind.
Bill: No, I just thought it's huge, colorful and it's like that.
Georg: And see more of the country maybe. That would be great.
Bill: Yeah.
Gustav: We never have time for this, so just interviews, so...
Tom: But we have a vacation next week!
Gustav: Yeah.

Lastly, we asked them what they would like the audience to say when cheering for them!

Bill: Ich liebe dich. Ich... Liebe... Dich. It means "I love you".
Interviewer: I see.

Translation & Transcript by Moe @ Tokio Hotel in Japan

Jul 25, 2011

MTV World Stage - MTV Video Music Aid Japan 2011 - 29./30.07.2011 - Info Update #1

Wie bereits angekündigt, zeigt MTV (in Deutschlands Fall VIVA) eine einstündige Version vom MTV Video Music Aid Japan 2011 als Special MTV World Stage Folge! Diesen Freitag, den 29.07.2011 um 24 Uhr, werden wir die Highlights der Show zu sehen bekommen, darunter auch die tolle Performance von Tokio Hotel (Quelle)!

As already announced, a one-hour version of MTV Video Music Aid Japan 2011 will broadcast on MTV worldwide as a special episode of MTV World Stage! We'll see the highlights of the show, including Tokio Hotel's great performance, on 29th/30th July 2011!

Here is a list with the times of the broadcasting for "MTV World Stage - MTV Video Music Aid Japan 2011" of other countries. The time corresponds to the time zone of the country! The list is updated constantly!

29th July 2011

VIVA Germany 12 AM
MTV Ukraine 11.45 PM
MTV Hungary 10.55 PM
MTV Adria 9 PM
MTV Asia (Singapore/Hong Kong) 11 PM
MTV Asia (Malaysia) 12 AM
MTV France 11.15 PM
MTV Latin America 9 PM
MTV Portugal 9 PM
MTV Music Italy 9 PM
MTV Greece 9 PM
MTV Poland 12 AM
MTV Sweden 8.55 PM
MTV Czech 10 PM
MTV Australia 11.30 PM
MTV Japan 11 PM
MTV Denmark 8.55 PM
MTV Finland 8.55 PM
MTV Norway 8.55 PM

30th July 2011

MTV Spain 12.05 AM
MTV Music UK 2 AM
MTV Brazil 12.30 AM

Jul 24, 2011

Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 24.06.2011 - Part 1-5

Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 1

imagebam.com For all GIRLS who are fans of TH, sorry to have kept you waiting. I will now post the interview of TH, which is done when thay came to Japan for the VMAJ show last month. Due to the limited 10-minute time, I could not ask all the questions collected from Blog and Twitter, but the 4 lovely boys tried their best to answer the questions.
On June 24th, although I was preparing the ELLEgirl Night, I decided to interview TH anyway. Here I would like to thank the staff for your concern.

Here are Gustav, Bill, Tom, Georg from the left. I thought they got jet lag, but actually they looked very fresh when they entered the interview room.

The interviews you guys took before have made a stir all around the world. The interview was translated into, of course, English, and also French, Thai, Russian and other languages, and put on web. There are also comments written in English, French and German in my blog.
(very glad) Yeah, that's so amazing, right? It's unbelievable.

This time I told fans I would interview TH, so in recent days I received a large number of questions from Uruguay, Russia, Italy, China and etc. Fans all over the earth want to ask you questions. They wrote something like this: if you would come to Japan, we hope you come to Kyusyu; or we hope you can come to Uruguay or Moscow. They all hope TH can come to their local place.
I see. We'd love to. All the fans keep eyes on your blog, right?

Yeah, I think that network between TH fans is great.
Well, let's get started. Let's see how many questions you can answer.
Did you search for your favourite place or store in Tokyo? (From KANA)
To be honest, we don't have opportunities to look around or even free time. Especially this time we just stay for 2 nights. [*actually, they stay for 4 days 3 nights] We spend all our time on interviews or shows (rehearsal and activities included), so we don't have any chance to ramble around. But in the first visit to Japan, we had 30 minutes of free time, so I checked some beautiful and fashionable people.

Where is it? Harajuku or Shibuya?
Yeah, it's great. I had gone to some fashion stores. So, I would like to come to Japan and go around leisurely when I have a holiday next time. 

Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 2


Here's a question form a girl, who wears Yukata in today's event: Do you like Kimono and Yukata? (From Sindy)

Really? We like it. (Eyes shining) Last time we received Kimono as presents. Every morning we woke up in Kimono. [*actually, I think that what Bill received is Yukata, insteand of Kimono. Firstly, it is very difficult to wear Kimono, and it is not

confortable to wear Kimono and sleep. Secondly, Kimono is kind of expensive. But the original text is written as Kimono, so here I translated as Kimono.]
Tom: Last time I took a picture with two girls in Kimono.
Bill: Yeah, yeah.

But if you wear Kimono in the show, it must be different style with your songs.
Hahaha. That's right. Maybe we have to prepare some black Kimono with rivets.
Tom: (Laugh) Georg may wear Kimono tomorrow in VMAJ.

Georg looks like to say no with a cool smile.

Please tell us what kind of feeling you guys want to express in the performance of tommorow's VMAJ. As this time, the event is in the form of an aid, which is going to support victims in the Great East Japan Earthquake. (From yukari, TH55 and KANA)
The meaning of 'aid' is of couse important. We really appreciate the opportunity of taking part in this activity. I think that It is really cool for MTV to take the lead in this aspect. The successive aids are quite important. People unite and donate for the victims is also important. We really want to be one part of them and support them, so it's our honor to perform in VMAJ tomorrow.

Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 3


In the previous interview, we had talked about your favourite movies and the background of your music, there were lots of fans echoed about it, and I personally also would like to know, that have you ever been saved by music?
When you are depressed, you feel like you are saved by one song, something like this.
All the band members:
Absolutely and all the time.

Tom: I think we are saved by composing. Otherwise, Bill has nowhere to go.
All: Laugh.

Bill: Music saves people anytime in no matter what kind of situation or emotion, as many staff and Tom are always writing the best song at that time.

When you write songs, do you have "bringing the hope to everybody" in mind?
Firstly, I always think about everyone's idea and write them down. I like to tour best, because I can share my emotion and feeling with others. Then I can also know how they react (to me). I received letters from fans written "your songs save me". We don't know what's going on, but we are very happy about it. So, music can really helps people. When fans told us that our songs can help them, we are so proud of ourselves.

Gustav and Georg, have you ever been saved by music?
For us, especially for Gustav and me, we always think that we don't have other things to do, except music. If I was not in the rehearsal room, I should have been idling in the streets all day along.
Tom: Doing some stupid things.
Gustav: Working in post office.
Tom & Bill: Laugh.
Georg: It may be because we got in touch with music when we were teenagers. That was very important. (Georg often made collusion.)

Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 4


Fan's question: Would you mind telling us your secret of skin care? (From DESI)
Tom: Isn't it the opposite? (Laugh) (Do the girls) really want to know about our skin?
Georg: Mine is... (Touching his face and hair)
Bill: Proactiv? (Looking at Georg)
Tom: Your hair is nice. (Everyone is looking at Georg.)

(Maybe Georg really has the best skin and the most beautiful, and longest hair)
Bill: I do not do any skincare.
Tom: I use the soap provided by hotel all the time.
Bill: To me, it's the sun. I think that bathing in the sunshine a little bit is good to skin. At least, it works on me. People always say that sunburn makes you look older, but I don't really care.
Tom: Even if something is wrong in the skin, sunburn can hide it. (Laugh)

Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 5 


Tom, some fans want to ask why you wear a beard. (From bk89. At that moment, Bill is not wearing a beard, so I just ask Tom.)
I have no idea. Maybe it's because it looks good, so I start to wear.
Bill: It's much easier, isn't it? Comparing to shaving the beard everyday...
Tom: If I shave my beard everyday, my skin will be rough like Bill's.

Bill: The good thing is that the freckles can be hidden.
Georg: It took half a year to grow the beard like this long. (Laugh)

(Gustav is touching his own face, but nobody notices that. Or does eveyone try to ignore his action? Laugh)

We notice that Bill developed his muscles. Did you do any training?
As Tom goes to gym for training, we go to gym together sometimes.

Do you guys have twitter account? (From Jasminev)
We have an official one, but we don't have private twitter account.

Translation by theresa @ THCN


Jul 23, 2011

InRock Vol.332 [Japan] - Scans

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com
Scans by theresa @ THCN

ELLEgirl #08/2011 [Japan] - Scans & Translation

imagebam.com imagebam.com

Scans by theresa @ THCN

Translation of some 'highlights' of the interview! Full translation will hopefully follow soon!

» "Their flawless personalities are just one of the reasons why Tokio Hotel is worshipped as gods." - ELLEgirl
» "We are honored to be a part of such a meaningful event (VMAJ) when Japan needs us most. We want to do our best to support Japan." - Tokio Hotel
» "I love the kimono that we recieved on our last visit to Japan so much that I wear it every time I get out of the shower!" - Bill
» "The people of Tokyo are so cool! It seems like everyone is a friend of ours!" - Tokio Hotel

Translation by moe

MTV Video Music Aid Japan 2011 - Tokyo, Japan 25.06.2011 - Making Of


Thanks to theresa & 619 @ THCN

NEW Summer Design

Neuer Header, frische Farben - unsere Seite erstrahlt in einem neuen sommerlichen Look :) An dieser Stelle möchten wir uns noch mal ganz herzlich bei anni_abstract für die Gestaltung und Hilfe bedanken!
Wie gefällt euch der neue Header? Hinterlasst ein paar Meinungen! :)

New header, fresh colors - our site shines in a new summer look :) At this point we would like to thank anni_abstract for the design and help!
How do you like the new header? Leave some opinions! :)

Tom's Blog - 23.07.2011

Good Vibrations

Die Welt aus der Sicht einer Gitarre.

The world from a guitar's perspective. 

Jul 20, 2011

MTV Video Music Aid Japan 2011 - Videomessage


Download by haylie @ THNews_Ru


Tom's Blog - 20.07.2011

Art Attack!

Der Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin wird bunt ;)

Let's paint the Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin, Germany ;)

Jul 18, 2011

Acoustic-Showcase - Performance - Tokyo, Japan 24.06.2011 - Pics #6

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Quelle/Source: Photos #1-#4 || Photo #5 || Photos #6-#12 by takaku_ || Photos #13-#19 by unknown || Photos #20-#22 by 3Za7Mi || Photos #23-#29 by 17xoxo

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